14 Mei 2024

Bored with books and want to learn business from movies? Sit back and relax before choosing our list of best-picked business movie here.

Twelve Angry Men
This movie is quite nice example of how to and how not to convince other people to see your point of you. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you’re going to need to learn more how to get along with other people. You will see how personalities can intensify or diffuse a heated argument and take a look inside yourself.

The Social Network
Want to know how Facebook born? The Social Network is the answer. This movie gives you how Facebook born in culture of Harvard University. From The Social Network, you will have to know who is a part of your team, how much ownership they have, and how much they contribute to the product.

The Pursuit of Happyness
The Pursuit of Happyness is a great example of how hard accomplishing that can sometimes be. Will Smith plays a salesman who ends up becoming homeless due to an unhappy accident then he changes his life with non-end struggles. This good movie tells us about real business happen in the world.

Office Space
If you want to quit your dreary job and start being an entrepreneur, Office Space is an inspiring yet smart comedy movie for you. This is a hilarious movie and so close to real office life. The dead-end jobs and aggravating bosses are so close to fresh-graduated employee experience.

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